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Hi I'm Tash. My therapy journey began straight after university when I started a certificate course with Play Therapy UK. I continued my training, completing the diploma course, and now have a Masters in Practise Based Play Therapy, as well as certificates in Clinical Supervision for Play and Creative Arts Therapies, and in Filial Play Coaching and Mentoring.

I had twin girls in October 2015, and even with my knowledge and experience, I struggled to ask for help. In reality, no parent is perfect and no one has all the answers. Being a parent is not about being perfect, it is about being good enough, being present and giving children the best childhood you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect all, or even part of the time. This philosophy is what drives me, both at home and in my work; I now have my own therapy practice and a team of therapists working across Oxfordshire to give a voice to children and their parents. My goal is to provide them with a platform for support and enable a creative way of thinking.

Meet Tash

Hi, I am Yasmeen, a mother of 6 children, 3 cats and a cavapoo. So, a little bit about me and my journey. My daughters are Deaf using BSL (British Sign Language) as their mode of communication. I learnt to sign so that we could have those open communications, this led to me becoming a qualified registered BSL interpreter, a trainer, assessor, Internal Verifier and External Verifier. I worked in the field of Social Services, Legal and then specialising in Mental Health. I worked predominately in a National Hospital with Deaf adults, adolescents and children within the out and in - patients unit with a pool of interpreters and clinicians. During an assessment with a clinician I was asked if I would consider being a therapist due to my interaction with the young people and, so my journey began into Play Therapy. Where I am a registered accredited Play & Creative Arts therapist and a Clinical Supervisor. I feel that the world has become quite a complex place with perhaps unclear guidelines and structures; there’s a constant need for speed, for targets and the next best thing… this I feel has an impact on our young people; our next generation. Their voice in a constructive way is missing all that is seen is the behaviour and not what is held within. I work creatively to enable them to explore and express their feelings. Giving them the tools and strategies, they need through Play & Creative Arts. I work in several schools in Berkshire with a range of children and offer Parent Child Attachment Play sessions for parents who are struggling or just need some guidance. I feel I have a sound balance of my work and hence never tire but ready to learn and develop new ideas and strategies.

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