Introduction to the Therapeutic Rainbow

Hi Everyone, So, let’s begin … Tash and I have used our reflective tools through lockdown and after setting off with our initial webinar, we felt something else was needed. Being aware of fatigue through use of platforms such as Zoom, Teams etc. Recalling my old comics and reading through ‘Dear Deirdre’ I thought we may need to set-up a similar tool but perhaps through the modern version of ‘Blog’. So here it is, our page. You’re perhaps wondering what the aim is. The aim is simply a space to explore issues/dilemmas that we may be experiencing with our young ones. Can we say that Tash and I do not exclaim that we have all the answers, but we do have our knowledge, our experiences, our tools as therapist, supervisors to look and reflect outside the pandora box in a safe expressive environment. A space that is tied by confidentiality. A space that offers openness and tools to explore, express and enabling. A space that has no judgement. A space that allows others to participate so that we are not Alone. Welcome to your space; to our space.


So what to do next, whenever your struggling with something and just want some advice send us an email and then through the blog we will answer those nagging questions. If we find that we are getting a number of questions raising the same issues we will put our heads together and create for you a webinar looking at these scernarios in more detail and hopefully give you some tips and tricks to get through these issues.


We look forward to hearing from you soon 



What is the therapeutic rainbow ?

An Audio and British Sign Language explanation of the therapeutic rainbow